06 June 2008

First Post

So, I am near finishing my programming. There are some bugs left with the logical statement I am using for the bifurcation diagram (including getting the program to write the correct 'te' value in the data matrix). I can get it to plot some points, but I'm sure that some of these points are not correct values. I will post later to indicate what my progress is on these problems.

I stumbled through a few interesting obstacles today. I streamlined some of the code, and I figured out how to get the plot function to work. My first graph looked more like some cellular-biology phenomenon more than a bifurcation diagram. After reworking the code, I got something a bit better. I know that the values are wrong, but it looks like it's getting there. I suspect that I'll have to crank out some work this weekend to get the program done by Monday.

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